Coffee Basics

  • What Is A Flat White Coffee?

    What Is A Flat White Coffee?

    Double ristretto + milk = flat white! It’s simple, and it’s delicious. How to make the best flat white at home? I’m here to help.

  • What is Espresso?

    What is Espresso?

    How to make the best espresso? What coffee machine should you get for it? What other tools will you need? The ultimate espresso-making guide.

  • What is Melange Coffee?

    What is Melange Coffee?

    Melange coffee is a delicate espresso topped with creamy, frothy, warm milk, sweetened with honey. Who wouldn’t want such a drink?

  • What is a Cortado?

    What is a Cortado?

    Ristretto steamed with a creamy touch of milk and a thin layer of frothed milk on top – that’s how a perfect cortado could be summarized.

  • What is Turkish Coffee?

    What is Turkish Coffee?

    Turkish coffee is not a coffee type. It is a ritual. If you prefer the traditional Turkish coffee, you will need a very fine, powdery grind.