What is Melange Coffee?

Melange coffee is a delicate espresso topped with creamy, frothy, warm milk, sweetened with honey.

The favorite of those with a sweet tooth who love milk coffee. Delicate espresso topped with creamy, frothy, warm milk, sweetened with honey. Who wouldn’t want such a drink? Everything about Melange Coffee.

A traditional wiener melange

Initially, this beverage had little to do with honey. It didn’t start as the generous 6-8oz milk coffee we now consider a melange.

The Viennese Melange originated in the 18th century in the Austrian capital, where a slightly milder coffee roast, known as Viennese roast, was used in its preparation. It’s a medium-light roast coffee type.

Many describe it as a mix between a cappuccino and a latte, but originally it involved much less milk. More precisely, according to the original Viennese recipe, the espresso and milk are divided equally, crowned with a generous amount of milk foam. 

If you are in Vienna and spot a delicious melange on the menu, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t include honey!

But let’s return to the version we know and see what it takes to make a delicious honey-sweetened milk coffee!

How to pronounce melange?

Try to say ‘may-lounge’ – the barista will know what you are talking about. The name “melange” itself means “mixture” in French, perfectly describing the combination of rich coffee and creamy milk.

Why you should try Melange coffee…

Ahw, Melange coffee.

  • It has a unique sweet flavor profile.
  • It is customizable for your taste.
  • It is easy to prepare
  • Starts conversations: let’s amuse your friends with your knowledge of Viennese coffee culture!
  • It’s fun to make!

How to make viennese melange?

Fortunately, preparing this beverage doesn’t require any serious barista experience. You’ll need a nice glass latte cup to showcase the perfect layering of milk and milk foam, an espresso shot, milk, and honey.

If you need to make espresso at home, you can use a moka pot or any other coffee as the base, although the layering might not be as visually appealing. 

Another important element of the drink is the creamy frothed milk, for which the French press is still a perfect alternative if you don’t have a steam wand-equipped coffee machine.

The ingredients

  • glass latte cup
  • espresso
  • milk
  • honey
  • any milk frothing tool (steam wand, electric milk frother, French press, etc.)


I couldn’t describe the recipe better than the recipe for whipped coffee. Simply follow the outlined recipe, and before pouring the frothed milk into the cup, add about 1-2 teaspoons of honey, and there you have the perfect melange.

If you need help with the milk, check this article: how to froth milk?

Of course, feel free to adjust the recipe with different spices or even make an iced version. Share with me if you have a great recipe. I’m always up for a little something new!


Melange coffee offers a wonderful alternative to the more commonly known espresso-based drinks. Its smooth and balanced flavor and the comforting warmth of steamed milk make it a delightful choice.

Whether you’re sipping it in a cozy Viennese café or recreating the experience at home, Melange coffee is a must-try for anyone looking to explore the world of coffee beyond the usual options.

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