Rum Ball Recipe with Coffee and Plum

rum balls with coffee and plum on a wooden plate

This is the perfect dessert in autumn! Since autumn is the plum season, I should renew my energy ball recipe—this time, with dried plums. So, check my rum ball recipe with coffee and plum!

Rum ball recipe: why combine rum with coffee and plum? 

Adding dried plums and rum to your recipes can give them a unique and delicious twist. Dried plums are naturally sweet and absorb the rich flavor of rum when soaked. 

This combination creates a complex and flavorful experience that can enhance your baked goods and sauces. 

Try incorporating these rum-infused dried plums into cakes, muffins, or sauces to add a rich, bold taste. The warmth of the rum complements the chewy texture of the dried plums, creating a delightful contrast that will surely impress.

When plums and coffee are combined, you will get some unique flavors.

This pairing works well with my recipe. The depth of the coffee enhances the fruity flavor of the plums, so in the end, the balls will be both sweet and savory. 

Whether enjoying a coffee and plum dessert or trying out a plum sauce with a coffee twist, this dynamic duo will take your culinary creations to new heights.

Nah, let’s see what you need for this recipe.


  • About 5.3 oz unsalted peanuts
  • 3.5 oz dried plums
  • 0.4 cups of coffee
  • 1 tbsp rum
  • cinnamon
  • for rolling: puffed amaranth (best if you made it!)


Soak the dried plums in rum-infused coffee for about half an hour, drain most of the liquid, and puree them using a hand blender. 

Mix in the previously ground peanuts. 

If necessary, add more coffee or water. 

Add cinnamon to taste, then shape the mixture into small balls and roll them in puffed amaranth.

If you want to do this recipe faster, use a food processor instead of a hand blender.

Enjoy your meal! 

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